MetaBloQ is a privately held biotechnology company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company is focused on the discovery and development of new drugs to treat difficult-to-treat cancers such as triple-negative breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma.

Our novel approach involves blocking specific metabolic processes used by cancer cells but not normal cells. The drugs we are developing therefore should have minimal toxicity to non-cancerous cells leading to safe, efficacious and better tolerated drugs.


This work is building on promising research from the laboratory of Associate Professor Jeff Holst from the Centenary Institute in Sydney and its collaboration with researchers from the University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy. 


The company is funded by the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund and  Uniseed  and is supported by investment from Australia’s peak scientific organisation CSIRO. We have researchers based at the Centenary Institute, the University of New South Wales and in the CSIRO Biomedical Manufacturing Program.