MetabloQ awarded Global Connections Fund Priming Grant


MetabloQ has been awarded funding in the latest round of The Australian Government’s Priming Grants, offered under the Global Connections Fund of the National Innovation and Science Agenda. This funding will be used by the company to develop ties with specific academic experts in the United States who have unique capabilities closely aligned with the company’s drug development activities.


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MetabloQ awarded Pipeline Accelerator Funding through Therapeutic Innovation Australia

MetabloQ has been awarded funding through Therapeutic Innovation Australia’s Pipeline
Accelerator Scheme. This scheme provides access to funding support to SMEs and research groups in obtaining high-quality translational research services. The funding will support MetabloQ’s work with The ACRF Drug Discovery Centre for Childhood Cancer based at the Children’s Cancer Institute at UNSW to conduct drug screening as part of the company’s research in cancer metabolism.


The ACRF Drug Discovery Centre is supported by Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA). TIA is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program.

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MetabloQ Pty Ltd initiates drug discovery program targeting difficult-to-treat cancers

7 March 2017


MetabloQ Pty Ltd (MetabloQ), a privately-held biotechnology company based in Melbourne, Australia, is pleased to announce that it has initiated a drug discovery program focused on treatments for difficult-to-treat cancers such as triple-negative breast cancer.  The founding research was led by Associate Professor Jeff Holst from the Centenary Institute, Sydney.  Assoc. Prof. Holst and his team have discovered a protein involved in a critical metabolic process within cells of certain cancers that is vital for the cells to survive and proliferate.  Importantly, in collaboration with University of Sydney researchers Assoc. Prof. Renae Ryan, Dr Abram Wassef, Prof. Paul Groundwater and Prof. David Hibbs, the team has also been able to identify molecules that block the action of this protein and these agents are now being developed as possible new drugs.


MetabloQ is funded by the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) and UniSeed, with additional investment from CSIRO. Dr Melissa McBurnie, Chair of MetabloQ and an investment manager with the MRCF said, “MetabloQ is a great example of a new company translating our nation’s excellent scientific research into health and economic benefits for Australia.”

MetabloQ’s CEO and Research Director, Dr Chris Burns, highlighted the importance collaboration has played in getting the company up and running. “The initial scientific discovery upon which MetabloQ is founded would not have been possible without support for the basic research through the Centenary Institute, University of Sydney and NSW Ministry of Health”.

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